About BoxHero

About BoxHero

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Easy, Simple Inventory Management BoxHero

Focusing on Inventory Management

BoxHero's goal is to make inventory management easier.

All the complexities of inventory management have been removed and only the necessities are what we are interested in to make our service easier.

All types of businesses with stocks to inventory, welcome to BoxHero.

Powerful Mobile Integration

BoxHero provides a mobile app service that syncs with your desktop in real-time.

The barcode scanning, specialized for the mobile app, allows you to manage your stocks faster and more accurately.

With BoxHero, optimize your inventory management flow according to your environment and increase your workflow efficiency.

Efficient Teamwork

Managing alone or as a team is all supported on BoxHero.

All created history is recorded and shared amongst the team.

With custom member roles, teamwork will be stronger than ever.

Concept Introduction


BoxHero is a team-based service.

You can create a team and invite your teammates, or create multiple teams if needed. BoxHero's payment is on a team basis. Team members do not have to pay to access the service.


BoxHero can create a team by selecting between the Basic Mode and the Location Mode. (changing the mode is currently unavailable on BoxHero)

The Basic Mode is the most common mode for anyone to easily manage inventory.

It can be used for all businesses and comes with strong features for efficient stock control.

The Location mode is a mode that can be used efficiently when managing the same product in multiple locations.

The same products can be managed when it is distributed in various locations such as warehouses, offices, and stores.

The product can be moved between locations.

Can I manage locations in the Basic Mode?

If the same product is stored in one location, BoxHero can be used sufficiently in the basic mode.

For most users, the Basic mode is recommended unless you have products dispersed in different places. Because you have to choose a location every single time when you stock in and out if you use the Location mode.


BoxHero manages inventory on a product-by-product basis.

A product consists of a product name, barcode, category, and quantity.

The product name and barcode must be entered, and if the product does not have a barcode, it can be managed by auto-generation.

Additional information such as colours, sizes, brands, and manufacturers other than the product name can be efficiently managed by adding categories. You can sort, filter products by the entered category and better your inventory management.

Does the number of products affect the subscription charge?

BoxHero does not charge extra for increasing quantity. The number of items is the type of items on the team.


Check out "Purchase & Sales" by creating bundles based on products you've registered on BoxHero.

After registering the product first, you can freely create various types of bundles such as a set and box products enabling efficient purchase and sales management.

A Bundle consists of a product name, barcode, category, and quantity.

By entering the cost and price of the Bundle, you can quickly enter the information when drafting purchase and sales orders.

Do bundles have categories too?

The bundles do not have categories so you should name the bundles based on how your information.

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