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Pricing & Payment


Use BoxHero reasonably according to your inventory size.

Pricing Plans


BoxHero provides Single Plan for free and Business Plan in paid subscriptions.

Payment is made by the team on BoxHero. To manage several teams, payment for each team must be made.

For first-time users, BoxHero offers a Business Plan 30-days free trial. If payment information is not inserted before the free trial is over, users are automatically switched to the Single Plan for free.

Difference between two plans:

항목Single PlanBusiness Plan
Payment (team)
Monthly $20 Yearly $199.20 (Promotional price for Yearly Plan $16.60/month)
1 (upgrade unavailable)
Up to 10
Up to 100
Up to 2,000
Additional Member
Up to 100 ($5/Month for every extra 1 user)
Additional Product
Up to 50,000 ($10/Month for every extra 1,000 products)

Single Plan

Single Plan is for a user running the business alone with a small number of products to manage.

The Single Plan is completely free with up to 100 products.

This plan is for a single user, inviting additional members to the team is unavailable.

Please upgrade to the Business Plan to invite teammate(s) or register more products and locations

Business Plan

The Business Plan is for teams or businesses with more than 100 products to manage in their inventory.

With BoxHero's helpful accessibility, managing inventory with your team will finally be simple.

Moreover, auto-syncing makes inventory management as a team much smoother.

Business Plan is provided for $20/month with up to 10 members and 2,000 products ($16.60/month for Yearly Plan).

Additional options are also available if you need more members or products in your team.

  • Member: $5/month for every extra 1 user (up to 100)
  • Product: $10/month for every extra 1,000 products (up to 50,000)

Please check below for more:

Location Mode

The Single Plan is free with up to 3 locations for Location Mode. Please upgrade to the Business Plan to add more locations.

10 locations are provided for Business Plan. Additional options are also available if you need more location accessibility in your team.

  • Location: $10/month for every extra 10 locations (up to 100)

Payment Options

BoxHero's payment system is Stripe, a globally verified payment system for its security. You can process your payment with a card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) authorized for the international payment.

If you don't have a debit or credit card for international payment please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

You can safely proceed with the payment from Desktop Lon-In > Payment & Settings > Payment.

  • The mobile app doesn't have a payment system yet, please pay on the desktop.

Please check the below for more pricing information.

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