[Mobile] Quick Start Guide for Members | BoxHero User Guide

Mobile App


You can easily join a team that has already been created.


Ask your team member or admin who is already in the team to share the invitation link.

BoxHero mobile app, you can join a team in two ways.

Clicking Invitation Link


Click the invitation link you received and click Accept to go to the BoxHero log-in.

If you already have a BoxHero ID, log in with the method you signed up.

If you don't have one, sign up, please.

When you log in, you will automatically join the team.

  • If you haven't installed the BoxHero app, click Install BoxHero App. After installing the app, please click Accept.

Inputting Invitation Code


Join a team by inputting an invitation code from BoxHero Log-In > Create Team > Join a Team

Members can manage inventory by categories, such as product registration and stock in & out based on individuals' roles.


BoxHero is in sync with desktops. On the desktop, we have more menus such as Analysis, Purchase & Sales, etc., which are not yet in sync with the mobile app. If you have a desktop, manage inventory efficiently through a wider screen.

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