Quick Start Guide for Mobile

Quick Start Guide for Mobile

Follow the below steps to create your team easily. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact BoxHero customer service.

Download the BoxHero App from the PlayStore or AppStore and open it.

If you already have an ID, click your original method of signing in.

If you don't have an ID, click the method you want to sign up for.

BoxHero has these sign-in options available currently:

  • Google Easy Login
  • KakaoTalk Easy Login
  • Apple Easy Login
  • Email Login

Team Creation

BoxHero is a team-based service. If multiple organizations need inventory management, you can create more than one team.

If you are not a part of a team, it will take you to a team creation page.

Click Create a Team

Creating a Team Profile


Upload your team photo, and insert your team name and memo if needed.

You can always edit your team profile later.

Choosing a Mode


You can create a team by choosing a mode based on your inventory type. Please remember that changing the mode is unavailable once the team has been created.

Basic Mode

  • Easy and Simple inventory management
  • Can be used for all types of business

Location Mode

  • Special mode for managing same products dispersed in different locations such as different offices, branches, or warehouses.
  • Creating transactions based on location as well as moving products between locations available.
If the same product is stored in one location, BoxHero can be used sufficiently in the basic mode. For most users, the Basic mode is recommended unless you have products dispersed in different places. Because you have to choose a location every single time when you stock in and out if you use the Location mode.

Adding Category


BoxHero will allow you to manage your inventory sufficiently by using categories.

Besides product names, you can add categories such as brand, size, color, and many more. Then, you can sort and search your inventory by the registered categories to easily check your inventory at once.

Select Category from example, or add yourself, please. Then click the Create Team button.

Category can always be added, edited, and deleted. Products grouped by category are in the Product list.

Adding Location (*Location Mode Only)


If you created a team in Location Mode, please go to Date Center > Location and add your location(s).

You can add multiple locations such as warehouses and stores to manage the same products in different places.

Location can always be added, edited, and deleted.

Member Invite


If you have teammate(s) to manage your inventory with, go to HOME > Invite team members > Send invitation link and invite your teammates(s).

Clicking the button creates an invitation link and can be shared in various ways such as SMS and messenger.

Registering Product


Lastly, register products to manage the inventory. After registering the products, inventory can be managed through Stock In / Stock Out / Stock Audit.

Products can be registered individually or through Excel.

Registered product information can be changed at any time.

For Location mode, choose products' location first, and insert the initial quantity for each location through Audit

Adding Product Individually

HOME > Register new products so you can add products one by one.

Importing Excel

The excel import on the mobile app is yet supported.

If you go to BoxHero on your desktop(https://web.boxhero-app.com/login), you can conveniently register products with your excel file all at once.

Barcode and product name are mandatory information when you register a product. If the product doesn't have a barcode, it will generate one automatically.

Your team settings are now completed.

Manage inventory easily and accurately with BoxHero😁

BoxHero is in sync with desktops. On the desktop, we have more menus such as Analysis, Purchase & Sales, etc., which are not yet in sync with the mobile app. If you have a desktop, manage inventory efficiently through a wider screen.

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