Purchase | BoxHero User Guide



You can create purchase orders from Purchase and check order status and process from Stock In.

Purchase Order List


You can check your created purchase orders from Purchase & Sales > Purchase.

At the top, you can see how many orders have been made in the last month as of today, and click on each status box to quickly filter the list of orders.

You can search by condition, such as date ranges, statuses, products, and bundles, by clicking the right magnifier.

New Purchase Order


You can make purchase orders from Purchase & Sales > Purchase > New Purchase Order.

  1. Please select a partner.
  2. Please select the date of purchase and expected delivery date. If you don’t choose the expected delivery date, it will be automatically selected +7 days of the purchase date.
  3. You can select products and bundles to purchase and please click Next.
  4. If you need to edit the cost and quantity for each product and bundle please edit and then click Save.


You can quickly select products and bundles to purchase by clicking Scan Barcode.

Purchase Order Details


Purchase order details can be checked by clicking an order in the purchase order list.

You can check the status history on the right side and restore the order to the previous status.

Printing & Sending Purchase Orders


You can print or send purchase orders.

Saved company information from Payment & Settings>General>Company Info will be included.

Editing & Deleting Purchase Orders


You can edit the order details by clicking Edit on the purchase order.


You can delete the order by clicking Delete on the purchase order.


If you also need to delete the stock in detail, please delete so on the right.

Status & Processing of Purchase Order


The order status will be processed from Order SentOrder ConfirmedStock In Closed

Sending Purchase Orders


When you create a purchase order, the status will be Order Sent.

If the order is confirmed by the supplier, please click Order Confirmed.

You can check the order status history on the right side.


If you click View by Product, you can check the order based on the linked products.

Confirming Purchase Orders


You can process Stock In from this step, and bundles will be shown as linked products.


If you disable Check status, it will show order details.

Processing Stock In

There are two ways to process Stock In.

  1. Check & Stock In - Check the products and count quantity one by one.
  2. All Stock In - Process Stock In without counting quantity.

  • Check & Stock In

You can check the number of products you ordered and insert each product’s quantity.

It’s more convenient if the Stock In time is different for each product.


By clicking Barcode Scanning Check, you can input the product quantity with scanning barcodes.

  • All Stock In

You can process Stock In for the products you ordered without checking the product quantity.

All products on the purchase order will be stocked in, and the purchase order will automatically change to Closed.