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Bundle Registration

Based on registered products, you can register bundles.

Adding Bundles


You can add bundles from Purchase & Sales > Bundle > Add Bundle.

If you create a purchase and sales order with a bundle in Purchase & Sales, it will reflect the quantity of the linked products in the inventory balance.


  • 20 (A)Products = 1 (A)Bundle
  • → Purchasing 1 (A)Bundle will reflect 20 (A)Products in stock.

  • 1 (A)Product + 1 (B)Product = 1 (C)Bundle
  • → Selling 1 (C)Bundle will take out 1 (A)Product and 1 (B)Product from the stock.

Use the Bundle feature for various situations that require inventory control on a box-by-box basis or selling multiple products as a packaged product.

Bundles can only be used in Purchase & Sales and are not inquired in Stock In&Out.

You can set a currency symbol from Payment & Settings > General > Team Info and display it along with the amount.

Copying Bundles


You can copy a registered bundle and edit details to add it as a new bundle.