Label Templates

You can freely customize label templates and quickly print them whenever you need to.

If you set label printing paper and label design you use and add a template, you can select only products afterward and print the label. It fully supports all label paper.

You must add at least one template to use the Label Print feature.

Adding Templates

Templates can be added from Label Print > Choose a Label Template > Choose the Page Settings > Next > Select the Information and Settings for your Label > Next > Save

In Label Template, you can choose Barcode, QR-code, and Text type.

In the Page Settings, you can choose various papers such as A4, thermal, etc. If your label paper is unavailable from the list, please manually input your label size.

In Information Settings, you can insert your category data in BoxHero and change the design freely. Also, changing font size, maximum row, boldness, and alignment is available.

How to bring your category data on a label

  • Insert as {{product category}} format
    • ex) {{category}}, {{brand}} etc
  • You can conveniently bring your category data on a label by clicking a category you want to put at the top and pasting it into the box.

Editing and Deleting Templates

You can check saved templates from Label Print > Label Design Setting

If you place your mouse over a template, you will see two buttons that allow you to edit and delete. You can freely edit and delete templates by clicking the button.