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Pricing Plan


BoxHero’s payment system is Stripe, a globally verified payment system for its security.

You can input and change payment information at any time from Payment & Settings > Payment.

Plan Information

BoxHero has Single Plan and Business Plan that you can use after payment.

Payment is made on a team basis, and each team must make separate payments to manage multiple teams.

When you create a team for the first time, you can use the Business Plan for one month for free.

If you don't subscribe to the Business Plan before the end of the Free Plan period, you will be automatically switched to Single Plan.

Pricing Plans

항목Single PlanBusiness Plan
Monthly Plan $20 Yearly Plan $199.20 ($16.60/month for Yearly Plan)
1 (upgrade unavailable)
Up to 10
Additional Member
Up to 100 ($5/month for every extra 1 user)
Additional Product
Up to 50,000 ($10/month for every extra 1,000 products)

For more information on plans, please check the Pricing page.

For Location Mode

If you use Location Mode, you can add up to 3 locations for Single Plan and 10 locations for Business Plan, and the rest are the same as above.

Adding additional locations is unavailable for Single Plan.

Business Plan can add up to 100 locations($10/month for every extra 10 locations)

How to Pay


You can complete the payment from Payment & Settings > Payment > Payment > Billing Cycle > Adding Options > Input Card Number > Input Email > Check Box > Strat Subscription

For Business Plan, if you need to register more than 2,000 products and 10 members, you can choose to pay additionally from 'Adding Options.’ In addition, the accessibility can always be expanded and reduced after payment.

Payment Method

BoxHero can be paid with a card for international payment, such as VISA and Master.

If you don't have a card for international payment, we can provide a one-time payment via the invoice payment link or SWIFT e-transfer.


Due to system linkage problems, you can pay only the Yearly Plan for invoice payment link or SWIFT e-transfer.

Payment Error

If there is a payment error, please check frequently asked questions for payment and contact the support center.