Role & Delete

Create and change roles for each member for efficient team management.

Members' roles are provided with admin, member, and viewer.

  • Admin: All access
  • Member: Access to stock in/out and manage inventory
  • Viewer: Access to only view

In addition, custom roles can be added.

Only admins can add, manage, and edit roles.

Adding Roles


You can add roles from Payment & Settings > Member & Role > Manage Role > Add or Payment & Settings > Member & Role > Role Box > Add Custom Roles.

Check feature access and product category access you want to select and enter the role name. Then please click 'Submit' to save the role.

Managing and Deleting Member Roles

You can freely manage members' roles from Payment & Settings > Member & Role.

If you click 'Delete' on the right side of the member, you can delete the member from the team.

Members who have been deleted from the team can be invited to the team at any time through invitation.

Managing Role

You can check saved roles and lists of members on roles.

In addition, you can edit and delete each role from Payment & Settings > Member & Role > Manage Role.

If you have a member with a role, deleting the role is unavailable. However, you can delete the role after changing the member to another role.