Product Registration

The Product is the minimum unit of inventory management in BoxHero. Inventory can be managed through Stock In / Stock Out / Stock Audit after registering products.

Adding Product Individually


You can add new products individually from Product List > Add

A barcode and product name must be inserted when you add a product. Then, upload a photo of the product and save it.

You can generate random barcodes by clicking the 'Generate' button if your product does not have a barcode.

If you want to put additional information other than barcode and product name, you can insert it in the category.

Efficient inventory classification and management are possible, such as grouping or sorting products by categories.

You can always add / edit / delete categories from Data Center>Category.

Importing Excel

You can add multiple products at once using Excel files.

Inserting Initial Quantity (*Location Mode Only)

When you register a product, inserting the initial quantity is unavailable for Location Mode. Please register all products first, and then insert initial quantities for each location from Stock Audit.

Uploading Bulk Photos

When registering a product, you can upload photos of multiple products at a time without bringing up photos one by one.