Photo Edit & Delete

You can upload photos with products.

Uploading and Editing Product photos Individually


Go to Product List>Add and click the camera icon at the top right to upload photos.

After registering products, you can go to the Product Details to edit photos.

Uploading and Editing Product Photos in Bulk


Data Center allows you to register and edit photos of multiple products.

Select products that you want to change photos, and click Edit> Edit Photo

Then you will be able to change various products' photos at once

If you want to upload different photos of each product at once, please check the features below.

Uploading a Bulk of Product Photos


First, change the file name of each photo to the barcode of a product for a bulk upload of photos.

You can upload photos of each product to different photos at once from Data Center > Product > ... > Upload Photos > Drag & Drop photos with the barcodes as file names > Submit