Product List

You can check products from the Product List and Data Center. In addition, various features are provided for each menu to check products more efficiently.

Product List


Product Search

In the Product List, you can quickly search for the name, barcode, and categories of each product.

If you click on a product, you can check the details.

By checking the 'In Stock' box, you can filter out the products with 0 quantity.

Editing and Deleting Individual Products

By clicking a product, you can edit product details or delete the product.

Grouping Products


You can check the overall inventory status by grouping the products by their category.

Sorting Products

You can sort products as product name and number of stocks.

Data Center


Searching Products

In Data Center, you can quickly search for product names, barcodes, and categories.

You can check the products of a search result in a table format.

Bulk Editing and Deleting

You can select the left check box to edit product name, barcode, photo, category, etc. collectively, and delete products all at once.

You can upload Excel to edit product details at once by clicking 'Import Excel'.

Sorting Products

You can sort products in ascending and descending order by clicking on the barcode, product name, quantity, category, etc.

Label Printing

You can print labels at once by selecting the left check box.

Label printing is also easily available from 'Label Print'.

Restoring Products and Uploading Photos in Bulk

Click the ... at the top right to restore deleted products and upload bulk photos of each product.