Product Edit & Delete

Individual products can be edited and deleted from the Product List, and multiple products can be edited and deleted from Data Center.

Editing and Deleting Products Individually


If you click a product you want to edit and delete from Product List, it will direct you to Product Details.

After changing product details, please click 'Edit'. You can also delete the product by clicking 'Delete'.

Bulk Editing and Deleting of Products


You can go to the Data Center> Product and edit and delete products in bulk.

Click 'Edit' on the right side of the search bar to select products to edit. To delete products click 'Delete'.

Restoring Products

For products restoring, go to Data Center> Product>... > Recently Deleted> Restore on desktop.

Only products that have been deleted within the last 30 days can be restored.

Excel Bulk Editing

You can upload Excel to edit product details at once by clicking 'Import Excel'.