Category (Mobile)

Products can be classified and searched by their categories for efficient inventory management.

Category Management


Categories can be added/edited/deleted from Settings > Category Settings

Various information on products such as brands, sizes, and colors can be managed with category.

In order to enter more than one barcode, such as serial numbers, create a category with the Barcode type. So you can scan additional barcodes after registering them under the barcode category.

Sorting Products


If you manage product information with categories, you can group products by categories in Products to check inventory for efficient inventory management.

Grouping Products


You can check the overall inventory status by grouping the products by their category.

You can see product information in a table format by category on desktops through Data Center. -Learn more: Data Center
All team members can view new categories, and member roles to category access can be changed from Member & RoleManage Role -Learn more: Managing Role