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This is a guide for users already managing inventory with BoxHero.

If you’re using BoxHero for the first time, please check out the start guide below.

With this guide, you can set up the integration easily and quickly.

If you have any questions when integrating, please contact the Support Center.

☝️Channel & Product Linkage

1. Adding Channel

  1. Purchase & Sales > Integration> Add Channel
  2. Choose Shopify > Add app > Login > Sync Channel > Complete
  3. Click Click Here after the sync is complete

When adding a channel, the sales orders for the last two weeks are immediately synced.

If the orders are already created in BoxHero, please delete the automatically synced orders to prevent duplicate processing.

2. Linking Products

Please match the Shopify products with the BoxHero products.

You can use Matching Wizard for the first time to link products conveniently.

Matching Wizard


1) Auto-Matching

It automatically links products if the barcode of the Shopify and BoxHero products are the same.

2) Remaining Products Matching

You can manually link the remaining products that are not automatically matched.

Please select a BoxHero product on the right to link to the selected Shopify product on the left.

Click Hide for the products that don’t need to be managed in BoxHero.

If you click Skip, you can move on to the next following product.

When syncing sales orders, we don’t sync the products that aren't linked. If any hidden product is included in the order, the order will still be synced, but the order will say Exclude # hidden product(s). Hidden Products can be linked with BoxHero products at any time.


When the Matching Wizard is completed, it will go back to the Product Linkage page.

Check the matched Shopify and BoxHero products on the Product Linkage page.

You can also change and unmatch the products.

Click Done on the bottom right to save the product linkage.

To change product linkage after the integration, please go to Integration >...> Change Product Linkage.

3. Sales

After the integration, you can check the automatically synced sales orders in Sales.

Only paid orders will be automatically synced.

If you need to sync an unpaid order, please go to Integration > View Sync Issues > All History and click Update on the right side of the order.


Some synced sales orders may require your confirmation.

An alert will appear at the top of the Sales Order List so please check it out.

✔ Orders that require user confirmation

  • Changed orders after being synced
  • Unlinked product(s) in orders

If you wish to check all order sync history, you can check from View Sync Issues > All History.

You're all ready now. Experience smart inventory management through BoxHero.