Stock Out

Stock Out is a feature for exporting products from your inventory. You can use Stock Out in three ways: selecting products yourself, through barcode scan, and Excel file.

Stock Out

First, select an account. If you don't have accounts yet, please add yourself.

Selecting Products Yourself


Please click Select Product > Input Quantity > Input Memo > Stock Out then the stock out transaction will be completed.


Completed Stock Out transactions can be found in the History menu.

Stock Out through Barcode Scan

Click Scan Barcode, then you can scan barcodes of each product with a barcode scanner to Stock Out quickly and accurately.

Stock Out through Excel

If you have many products for Stock Out or have details made in an Excel file, you can click the Stock Out via Excel File and upload the Excel file to Stock Out at once.

Saving Draft

If you haven't exported products yet, but want to make a Stock Out transaction draft in advance, you can save the draft.


Select an account and products, and input a memo. Then click 'Save Daft'.

You can save a draft of the Stock Out details of the product and complete the Stock Out process when necessary.

You can check the drafted details on the Stock Out screen. If you want to fill out a new Stock Out transaction, click Write New on the top right side of the Stock Out screen.

If you want to delete a drafted transaction, go to Saved Drafts and click Delete in the upper right corner to delete.

Adding a Missing Transaction


Transactions that have not been submitted in Stock Out but processed in the past can be submitted by clicking Add a missing transaction in the upper right corner.

Please click Past time > Select Account > Select Product > Number of Product > Stock In to complete submitting a missing transaction.

The quantity you see when you select a product is the current quantity, not the quantity at the time.
Only the admin’s role is allowed to add missing transactions. Roles can be managed in Payment & Settings > Member & Role.


Missing transactions are marked as "Added" to the History with the set date and time.