Stock Move(*Location Mode Only)

Stock Move is a feature for moving products from one location to another. You can use Stock Move in three ways: selecting products yourself, through barcode scan, and Excel files.

Stock Move

Before selecting products to move, you must first choose a location to take from and a place to bring. If there is no location in the location list, please add location first.

Selecting Products Yourself


Please click Select Product > Insert Quantity > Input Memo > Submit then a stock moving transaction will be completed.


Completed Stock Move transactions can be found in the History menu.

Stock Move through Barcode Scan

Click Scan Barcode, then you can scan barcodes of each product with a barcode scanner to Stock Move quickly and accurately.

Stock Move through Excel

If you have many products for Stock Move or have details made in an Excel file, you can click the Move via Excel File and upload the Excel file to Stock Move at once.