Stock In & Out & Audit & Move

When you add a transaction, such as Stock In & Out & Audit & Move, you can import an Excel file and submit multiple products at once.

You can import an Excel file and submit multiple products at once from Stock In & Out & Audit & Move > via Excel File.

Import Excel File

Barcodes and quantity of products must be in an Excel file to add a transaction. A product that inserted 0 for its quantity will be ignored.

If you already have an Excel file with barcode and quantity, you can import the file, and if not, you can download the template by clicking the Download Template at the top right.

Please read the instructions and check frequently asked questions first.

If you’re having a hard time uploading your Excel file, please contact the support center.

You can upload an Excel file OR copy and paste the Excel file data into the bottom area.

Matching Barcode with Quantity and Column

BoxHero will automatically match barcodes and quantities on the first row.

If it doesn't match, maybe the barcodes in the Excel file and Product List are different.

So please select the column for each field, such as barcode, and quantity after uploading the Excel file.

After selecting an account, please input the memo and click Submit to finish Stock In & Out & Audit & Move.