Product Registration

You can quickly register many products at once by importing Excel files.

You can import an Excel file and register products at once from Product List > Arrow Icon > Import Products via Excel File or Data Center > Product > Import Excel > Bulk Add

You can register your products more efficiently by importing an Excel file if you set categories first.

Excel File Import

If you already have an Excel file containing product details, you can import the file, and if not, you can download the template by clicking the Download Template at the top right.

You can upload Excel files OR copy and paste the data of the Excel sheet into the bottom area.

Please read Import Excel instructions, check frequently asked questions, or contact the support center if you have any difficulties.

Matching Category with each Column

BoxHero will automatically match category names if the category names are the same as the ones on the first row in your Excel sheet. Please manually match each column with the appropriate category.

If products don't have barcodes, you can generate barcodes by clicking 'Generate'.

Inputting Initial Quantity (*Location Mode Only)

For Location Mode, inputting the initial quantity is unavailable when you first register products. Please save product information first, and then input the initial quantity for each location through Audit