Stock In & Out & Audit & Move (Mobile)

In the BoxHero mobile app, you can create Stock In & Out & Audit & Move transactions by scanning product barcodes through a camera without a barcode scanner.

The BoxHero mobile app supports two types of scans: through a camera and an external scanner connection.

Making Transactions


You can select products to add transactions or audit through barcode scanning from Stock In / Stock Out / Audit > Product > Barcode Scan / Bluetooth Scanner > Barcode Scan > Done.

Each scan increases quantity one by one, and it will be processed by selecting an account and inputting a memo. Then please click Submit.

The basic concept of Stock In / Stock Out / Stock Audit is the same as desktop, and you can find details below:

Please note that by clicking Selecting Product > Select by Bluetooth Scanner you can connect to a Bluetooth scanner, and when you audit products, product quantity will be edited by the scanned quantity.
You can also use the barcode scan feature in the same way as above in Stock Move, in Location Mode. The basic concept of Stock Move is the same as desktop, and you can find detail below: - Learn more: Stock Move

Editing Transactions


You can edit transactions through barcode scanning from In/Out > Select a Transaction > > Edit> Product> Selecting Product > Barcode Scan or Bluetooth Scanner > Done > Save.

To edit transactions, you must check the box "I acknowledge the above" for "If the quantity it edited, the current quantity may automatically change by a recalculation". For more information on editing quantity, please check the frequently asked question below:

If you click Selecting Product > Bluetooth Scanner you can connect and use a Bluetooth scanner. Only the admin's role is allowed to edit transactions.