Low Stock Reminder

Low Stock Reminder allows you to set each product’s minimum stock quantity so you can receive notifications through the BoxHero mobile app.

The Low Stock Reminder allows you to set up a minimum stock quantity for each product to confirm out & low & excess products based on what you set.

You can check minimum stock, current stock, low stock, and overstock products so you can see the overall inventory status.

You can search product name, barcode, and category through the top search bar, and you can download Low Stock products as an Excel file from Export Excel on the top right.

When you first start Low Stock Reminder, you must select a category with a minimum quantity. If there is no category for low stock, please add a category.

Editing Low Stock Reminder

Editing Category

Please click 'Cogwheel' on the top right to change the category for Low Stock Reminder.

Editing Quantity Individually

Please click 'Edit Quantity' on the top right to edit the minimum quantity of Low Stock Reminder for each product.

Or you can edit the minimum stock category number for Low Stock Reminder in the Product Details of each product.

Editing Quantity in Bulk

You can edit multiple products' minimum stock for Low Stock Reminder at once with two options.

  1. Data Center > Product > Select Products > Edit > Edit Minimum Stock > Submit.
  2. Data Center > Product > Import Excel > Bulk Edit.

Notifications (*Mobile App Only)

Through the BoxHero mobile app, you can receive a notification at 9 a.m. every day to inform you of products that are low stock.

Low Stock Reminder notification can be turned on/off from Low Stock Reminder > Cogwheel > Notification Check Box.