Inventory Analysis

Click the data you wish to see, and BoxHero will analyze it for you. With the accumulated data from managing your inventory on BoxHero, various analyses are provided just for your team. Adding custom formulas is also available to find the data you need.

From inventory turnover rate to profit sales, all the necessary but complicated inventory data is provided right from BoxHero.

You can analyze your inventory with formulas based on the inventory data on BoxHero.

Please click Start Now if you are a first-time user of the feature.

You can search for product name, barcode, category through the top search bar, and you can search by the selected time period you want to analyze.

Click Export Excel on the top right to download data as an Excel file.

By clicking the name of each column, you can sort in ascending and descending order, and you can change the counting method in various ways, such as total and average. In addition, you can save the default formulas of the counting method in Formula Add & Settings.

If you are a first-time user of the feature, click Start Now then it will automatically set various formulas.

Adding Formulas

Please click Formula Add & Settings > Add Formula at the top right to add formulas with a click or add formulas yourself to allow you more diverse inventory analysis.

Easy Add


You can easily add various formulas provided from BoxHero from Add Formula > Easy Add

Some formulas require selecting a category to calculate formulas. Please choose a category that fits the guide in gray letters and save.

Custom Formula


If a formula you need is not in Easy Add, you can insert a formula yourself manually.

In Custom Formula, you can freely create necessary formulas by Autocomplete.

Formula Settings


You can edit and delete saved formulas from Formula Settings at the top right.

Drag handle on the left side of each formula to change order. If you click on the right side, you can edit formulas, display format, counting method, and hide/delete formulas.

If an error occurs in 'Formula Settings' through editing or deleting a formula, saving the edits will be unavailable due to the formula error. However, if an error message pops up, please fix the error(s) then the edits will be automatically saved.